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Harry Jerome; City of Dreams

4 Jul

Last year, during the 2010 Olympics, my fiancee and I took a nighttime trip to Stanley Park to play with our cameras and get some magical pictures of our city transformed.

On our way back out of the park, I was captivated by the statue of Harry Jerome, and how it was lit by the city, how magical it looked.

So, I stopped, set up the tripod, and captured one of my favourite images to date.

I have entered it into the Canada Post ‘My Canada’ photography contest, and am asking for as many votes as possible!

Currently, my photo is among the most viewed on the site!

There are just over 48 hours left to vote.

Just click on this link, which takes you directly to my entry:

Take a look at my photo (preview below), and then scroll to just below the image.

There are two options, choose ‘Like’ for Facebook, and choose ‘Tweet’ for Twitter. When you do both, I get two votes.

Thanks so much!!

Harry Jerome; City of Dreams

#$%@$#% you, Cancer. Seriously!

29 Jun

It’s been a while since I’ve posted.

The baby and I headed back down to California, sadly for my cousin’s funeral, and I couldn’t think of a worthy follow up post to my previous entry put up here, so I’ve been hesitating.

But, no more!

Since Jim lost his battle with cancer, TWO MORE people in my circle of friends/family have lost theirs. What is going on?! Both were fathers, and both left daughters who are dear friends of mine, and who are now suffering these horrible losses. It’s so heartbreaking!

This is probably far less eloquent than it should be – and perhaps doesn’t do justice to their memories, but seriously! #FuckYouCancer!!