I, like this page, am a work-in-progress… please bear with me!

In the meantime, some tidbits:

Most importantly, I am a Mummy and a Wife.

Professionally, I am a Journalist and Writer by trade.

My passions are Photography, Singing, Acting and Dancing – and if I could turn them into paycheques, I would be in heaven.

I’m also a certified Web designer who has fallen a bit behind in her training – but dabble every so often to stay somewhat up to date.

In the last three years, I’ve taken up Running (10K is my best run, but I also do Half Marathons – I have a goal of completing three next year.  That’s a big deal for someone who’s only done one a year for three years…) and Rowing, which is absolutely the most amazing sport in which I have partaken.

My latest goal is to become a certified PPFS, both on land and in water.  Stay tuned to see how well that goes… And I am considering studying to become a doula – perhaps my scariest adventure yet.

OH! I also tweet and/or blog on occasion…

(I may or may not suffer from insomnia… but that’s another story ;))

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