Mummy Fail!

10 May


In what will probably be the first post of way too many with this title, I share with you a quick #MummyFail moment…

I decided that I could make my own baby food.  Honestly?  It’s not that hard, nor is it overly time consuming.  AND it comes with the added benefit of knowing exactly what’s going into my daughters’ mouth…

I think we’re on veggie six or seven in the ‘red/orange/yellow’ category… Sweet Potatoes!

So!  The hubby picked up an awesome sweet potato on his way home from work tonight.  I peeled and cut up that sucker to steam.  THIS IS VEGGIE SIX OR SEVEN!!  Meaning I have done this FIVE OR SIX other times thus far.  And in only three weeks.  IT’S NOT ROCKET SCIENCE.

But, I may have irreparably damaged our stove.  And melted the bottom out of one of hubby’s pots.  (I’ve hidden it in the sink for the time being.  SHHHH.  Not the greatest hiding place – but it’s got a lid on it.  And… it’s full of (now) brown water… CRAP!!!)

#MummyFail #1*

P.S. The sweet potatoes turned out beautifully, regardless.  The baby gagged on them, which is veggie #2 of gagging (carrots were the only other…).

*#1 as recorded and listed here.  There have been many others.  I may or may not share them as time goes on.

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