Hello world! (Literally)

6 May


A few things have lead me to this point:

-I’ve been told by a few of the people who receive my baby update emails that I should blog.

-I recently started writing down facts in relation to having a baby, as I experience them, in my iPhone. (#BabyBytes)

-Then, when I tweeted one, I got a pretty good (and funny) group of responses.

So, why not listen and start a blog about them?  It could be fun, right?  My daughter won’t hate me (too much) for having done so when she’s older, right?

I try to make note of one happening/musing/poo-splosion per day.  (Hopefully there isn’t actually a poo-splosion every day…)

Inevitably, I will come up with one per day (or on some days, multiples; some, none), but won’t get to post as often.

Crummy, but very real fact of Mummy life. <- hey look! #BabyByte #1 ha!

And I will probably tweet the short forms, but expand on a few of them here.  That could be fun!


(Warning: blog may include photography, dog musings, food musings… but should mostly contain #BabyBytes!)

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